It's Me 😊

Hi There!

My name is Ali Moezgholami, so called Moez.
I received my BSc in Software Engineering from Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty of University of Tehran. Recently, I got graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Software Engineering with MSE degree.
My passion is designing quality software. Moreover, I enjoy automating stuff, refactoring legacy code, and sometimes re-inventing the wheel (to fully understand some concepts). My favorite things (OS, PLs, Tools) are: Linux, JavaScript, Vim, Git, Tmux, Docker, and sometimes Java. For more information, you can access my resume from here.
This is the place where I intend to talk about my technical experience in software engineering; but it might include some of my other interests or other personal things. Here is my blog.
Also, you can reach me from my contact page.